Ben Cooley Speaks at Freedom Requires Action Summit

Be part of the solution for policy change by joining us in Washington D.C for the Freedom Requires Action Summit.

Safe House Project is honored to host the 2nd “Freedom Requires Action” event at the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. on January 23rd. This 2-hour event brings together policymakers, corporate executives, survivors leaders, and community advocates to highlight the multidisciplinary strategy that is being used to combat trafficking in the United States, and galvanize communities in the next frontier in the fight against trafficking.


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Panel Topic: Future
Panelist: Ben Cooley

IMG_0093Ben Cooley is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Hope for Justice and Slave Free Alliance, an international anti-trafficking organization working in 10 countries, 35 offices/cities. Ben is a published author, one of which was endorsed by former Prime Minister of England, Teressa May, public figure and sought-after international speaker having worked with U.S. and international governments. Ben has regularly contributed to national and international media including BBC, FOX, CNN, and The Times. Ben has also been a part of international committees such as Alliance 8.7 as part of UN Sustainable Development Goals, in the UK Home Office Advisory Groups, and has spoken to governments across the world. 


Maxwell & Marie - We Believe Your Vision Is Important 

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“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” - Brene Brown


Word of Encouragement from Ben:

As a leader, you have a grave responsibility to navigate through troubled waters to a calmer sea. You have to be a beacon of strength and hope, you have to be honest yet optimistic. Chase your dreams while being a realist. Get knocked down and get back up and pick your whole team back up with you!! Through all of this, there is strength in positivity, strength in motivation!! ⁠


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