Benefits of Safe House Certification

1-Apr-19-2023-02-02-44-0287-PMThe Safe House Project's certification program is designed to ensure that homes for survivors of human trafficking are safe, secure, and supportive environments. The benefits of going through this certification program include:


Ensuring a Safe Environment: By going through the certification program, you can ensure that your home is safe and secure for survivors of human trafficking. The program includes guidelines and standards for safety, security, and confidentiality, ensuring that survivors can feel safe and protected in their new home.


Providing Quality Care: Certification is founded on a methodology developed to ensure programs provide quality care to survivors of human trafficking. Through certification you can learn best practices for supporting survivors' physical and emotional needs, creating a supportive environment, and building trust. Programs that certify join a list used to inform granting, survivors placements, and industry partners of the quality program and care that can be expected from your organization.


Meeting Industry Standards: The Safe House Project's certification program sets industry standards for safe homes for survivors of human trafficking. By becoming certified, you can demonstrate that your home meets these standards and is a reputable and trustworthy place for survivors to seek refuge and support.


Access to Resources: The certification program provides access to resources and support from the Safe House Project, including ongoing training, networking opportunities, and access to experts in the field of human trafficking and survivor care. Programs that certify receive a social media packet with a badge for their website, a letter of support, a press release, and a supportive blog post is shared from the SHP page.


Improved Employee Engagement: Employees are more likely to feel engaged and motivated when they work for an organization that is committed to social responsibility and ethical practices. Becoming certified by the Safe House Project can help improve employee morale and engagement.


In summary, going through the Safe House Project's certification program for safe homes can help ensure a safe and supportive environment for survivors of human trafficking, provide quality care, meet industry standards, provide access to resources and support, and increase visibility within the field of human trafficking.


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