Safe House Project Receives Transformative $1 Million Endowment form Rob and Karen Hale

“To whom much is given, much is expected,” is a motto Rob & Karen Hale have modeled for decades through their philanthropic giving. Two weeks ago, our team was sent the Forbes article that highlighted the incredible generosity of the Hale family to donate $1MM a week to a nonprofit. With an email and a prayer, our team contacted the Hales. What we didn’t know was that we were already on a short list of organizations Karen Hale had already been researching as a potential recipient.
3 days later, we got a call from Karen who had miraculously been holding Rob’s phone when our email came through. She said, “I have had a heart for trafficking for over 15 years and have been looking into your work, but would love to hear more about Safe House Project.”
We were grateful for the opportunity to share about the work that Safe House Project has been able to do over the past 5 years with survivors, volunteers, and partners throughout the United States to help empower survivors in our mission to eradicate trafficking.
Just being called felt surreal.
We were humbled just to be on the list for consideration. But 2 hours later everything changed when Karen called back to tell us we had been selected to receive a $1MM endowment that will help fund the organization in perpetuity.
“We are honored to empower Safe House Project to expand their work of uniting communities to eradicate trafficking. We applaud the impact Safe House Project has achieved over the past 5 years of expanding safe house programs, increasing survivor identification, and serving survivors through emergency support.” Karen Hale said. “We appreciate their collaborative efforts with partners throughout the country, and their humble pursuit to eradicate trafficking one person at a time. They are a small but mighty team that maintains a lead budget and creates significant impact.. We believe they are a solid investment and think that any philanthropists looking to affect the fight against trafficking should consider them for a grant.”
Blessed. Shocked. Grateful. Our team has been overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity this provides us to grow the organization and continue to build a movement to eradicate trafficking in the United States. Thank you to Rob & Karen for seeing our heart for service, and honoring all the survivors who are fighting for freedom.
Now to get back to work...


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