Just Open Your Eyes

Sex trafficking affects everyone, whether we realize it or not. Many celebrities are joining the ranks of modern day abolitionists to see people rescued from slavery. They are defenders of the vulnerable, #protectors of the innocent. Below are just a few of those that positively changing the lives of survivors around the world. #ChangeMakers

"If you’re someone who buys sex, you can go to the madam and demand to see the girls’ passports. Anyone can report any incidences of suburban households that may have a great slew of young girls walking in and out of the front door for no apparent reason. If you’re a store owner and some girl comes to you for condoms and tissues and doesn’t speak English, you can ask her if she’s all right. You can, mostly, just open your eyes and your ears. It’s time for everybody to look at what’s going on around them and to take responsibility, to proclaim that it is not okay to sell human beings, for whatever reason, and that this kind of thing should not be allowed to continue." - Emma Thompson

“The right to pursue happiness for so many is stripped away, it’s raped, it’s abused, it’s taken by force, fraud or coercion—it is sold for the momentary happiness of another,” said Ashton Kutcher.

"Traffickers truly prey on. the most vulnerable and steal the innocence from these children." - Demi Moore.

"Together, we’re in it to end it! Help us shine a light on modern day slavery." - Carrie Underwood

"This is the moment for me to do what I can to help children in every corner of the world. This is something I want my own children to be proud of." - David Beckham

"I was devastated that it was happening so close to where I lived and that I was doing nothing about it." - Emma Thompson

Carla is "on a mission to bring awareness to the growing issue of modern day slavery right here in Atlanta." - Carla Stephens

“There are over 20 million people who are still in slavery. Let’s raise awareness to help ‪#EndIt,” - Kristen Bell

Together, we can rescue, restore, and reintegrate the 300K American children that will be sex trafficked this year in the United States. #everyONEmatters