Chasing Joy...Still

We all have free-will. Sometimes it makes no sense, when you provide a WAY for your child, and they once again turn their back on you. How does this happen? That is what I’ve been wrestling with this past month. I mean, it makes no LOGICAL sense. Our enemy isn’t logical. He has only one motive, that is to kill, steal and destroy our children. It doesn’t matter if your child hasn’t had any major issues yet or not- the fact is... that is his game plan. It’s coming ...I pray it’s in small ways.

Joy was prosecuted for crimes committed during the time she was trafficked. After 3.5 years, she was granted early release. Now the celebration and planning starts, right? Wait..I thought we had a plan? She was going to get the trauma help she so desperately needs; she had this arranged for the last couple years. Its a residential program for SURVIVORS of sex trafficking. Yes, survivors- I hate the word Victim...they are ALL victims, if they are lucky enough to still be alive, they are SURVIVORS. She has her whole life ahead of her. Yet, with the anxiety of early release, she has changed her mind. Makes no sense does it.. Nope.

Why am I telling you this? This is all the more reason to educate yourself and your children on the dangers of this crime. Joy was a vulnerable teen which made her a more likely target than some of the others her age.

Now what? I am turning my pain into purpose. After 10 years of addiction, physical and emotional turmoil - I have decided to build a course to help Mama’s who are struggling with adult children's’ choices. I love all of you and hope to God you never need my course.

What do we do now? What do you do when your child breaks your heart over and over and over? You surrender them to God and all you can do is pray. Will you pray for Joy with me? When they are adults, we can’t control their actions- so give it to the one who can protect them more than we ever could.

The enemy may be ahead..but he will NEVER win.

By: SH