Dear Survivor | You Are Loved

Dear Survivor,

I see you. I am you.

Not too long ago, I stood on “life’s cliff” and told God “I cannot do this anymore.”

He said, “Don’t give up, you’ve come this far. I’m not ready for you yet.”

I said, “…but God, I’m tired.”

He said, “Well then, go rest, you’re safe.”

He stopped talking. I got frustrated. I thought about ways to die, but God said, “DeeDee, I love you. You’re stronger than you think…”

Every time you forget who you are, remember YOU are who God made you to be. Every time you forget your worth, remember YOU are worthy. Every time you allow your past to define who you are, remember YOU are your future. Every time you push God away, He never stops loving you because YOU are His child.

Your friend,