$25K in Emergency Funds Released to Help Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Hampton Roads


Norfolk, Virginia – April 2, 2020

Safe House Project--a national nonprofit accelerating safe house development for survivors of child sex trafficking in America and providing pathways for economic empowerment announces $25,000 in emergency funding for Survivor Ventures to help meet the immediate needs of survivors in Hampton Roads. 

Safe House Project and Survivor Ventures are working to serve and empower survivors of sex trafficking with the necessary support and resources they need to attain stable housing and economic empowerment. The most immediate need is to provide survivors with crisis and long-term housing, wrap around services, and employment opportunities to ensure their basic needs are met. 

In the wake of COVID-19, Safe House Project is seeing a national rise in the number of cases of sex trafficking, a decrease in donations to support critical programs, and a deep need to protect vulnerable individuals in our communities. The harsh reality is that home is not a safe place for every child—vulnerable individuals need help now more than ever. 

Survivor Ventures Executive Director, Tiffany McGee, explains, “pre-COVID-19, survivors of human trafficking experienced dozens of barriers to housing, employment, healthcare and obtaining basic resources and services. The coronavirus makes this daily struggle even more life-threatening. This grant is just another example of the Safe House Project being ahead of the curve in thoughtful and timely disbursement of funds that maximize survivor success.”

“Survivor identification is at a mere 1%, but even when a survivor escapes if they do not have a safe place to go, 80% will end up being revictimized. Safe House Project is honored to come alongside Survivor Ventures and respond to an immediate need to  break down the barriers to emergency services for survivors in Hampton Roads,” according to Safe House Project co-founder and COO, Brittany Dunn. 

Safe House Project (SHP) was founded with the vision of seeing communities across America unite to end child sex trafficking and restore hope, freedom, and a future to every survivor. 

To learn more about how Safe House Project and Survivor Ventures are collaborating to find unique and innovative ways to remove barrier survivors face along their road to recovery, please visit www.SafeHouseProject.org.