Fighting for Me

I decided I wanted to tell my story and I was given the opportunity to do so in a safe space. I wrestled with the idea at first, then I decided I was done protecting them. I was done allowing their secrets to have a safe space in my head. I’ve forgiven them. I try hard not to let them control me anymore, but I wanted my story out there. Not for pity or attention, but because someone once told me “the voice of the overcomer will bring our world the biggest revival our world has ever seen,” and you know what? She was right. I want to send a message of hope, a message of healing. I want people to know they can overcome, they can heal, and they can go from survivor to thriver. I know because I did.

I’ve had a LONG journey to get there. It was hard and I had many days where I just wanted to throw in the towel… but GOD! He remained by my side and he kept a team of people fighting for me and with me. It was that moment I decided their burden was not mine to carry anymore. It was that moment I decided I was worthy, that I was worth fighting for, that I decided to get out of the ring where I was fighting against everything God asked me to do. In that moment, I stepped into the ring to fight for myself. It was that moment that I decided the burden was not mine to carry anymore. It never was. It was that moment I decided I was worthy of love, safety, and grace. It was that moment I decided I no longer wanted to be on the run from my past and I decided to face it.

I had to learn to be okay with not being okay. I had to learn to sit with my emotions and I had to learn to push through on the hard days. Most of all, I had to learn to trust God. I had to trust Him to stand in fire with me, in the deep waters with me. I learned we live in a broken world, a world full of hate, pain, fear, and brokenness. But we also live in a world that has Jesus, and in that part of the world, miracles happen and dreams come true. There’s love, kindness, grace, healing, family, safety, and freedom. And I’m here to tell my story… Stay tuned…