Judging vs. Empathy

We all want love, connection and significance. Think about who rubs you the wrong way… Maybe they seem cocky, arrogant, or rude. Maybe they pulled out in front of you and didn't use their blinker! Happens to me ALL the time… :) Or a cranky waitress? Next time this happens to you…

Let's take a look at ourselves for a moment and ask ourselves- “Have I ever done or said something that doesn't really reflect who I REALLY am at my core?” Of course you have! We all have. Our actions speak louder than words, however, only WHO a person is at their core---shows their soul. It takes more than one action or a surface level conversation to have an accurate depiction of another person. This is so true! Its also impossible to know EVERYONE at their deepest level.

So...when people, (maybe even our own kids) do extreme things WHAT IF we asked ourselves some questions before we judge them.

ASK - What if?

If we had lived that persons life, their experiences, their influences, maybe even the chemical make up in their brain! I would challenge you to consider the POSSIBILITY that we (you) may act the same way?

You and I could say, oh we would NEVER do that, they are just terrible people. But truly, we have NO way to know if we would.

Lets try to seek empathy vs judgment. When we judge others, it really end up being negativity in our own daily life. Its hurting us, not them.

Written by SH

#Empathy #EndIt #Compassion