Life May Not Be Fair, But I Will Still Fight for Injustice

Growing up people always told me I was stubborn. My teacher used to tell me DeeDee it’s okay to be stubborn sometimes but put it to good use—use it to fight a good fight. I never understood the meaning behind it till I found myself fighting for injustice.

Injustice cause I am a girl.

Injustice cause I am deaf.

Injustice cause I am disabled.

Injustice cause people thought I was different.

I am different, and injustice caused it.

It just isn’t fair that some people have amazing family, but they don’t care to call them or check in on them or they’re mean to them, while others wish for a loving family that says “I love you” just because or a family that hugs you just because. It isn’t fair that some people have a safe home filled with love and a meal to eat, while others go without. It isn’t fair that some people can hear and the other cannot. It isn’t fair that some children are sold for sex, and other people aren’t.

I remember when I was a young child and we were on a basketball court in school picking teams, and my coach picked a boy over me. I remember throwing the biggest temper tantrum, I told him “it is not fair, you picked him before me, and I play better than him.” He said, “nothings fair in life…” Boy was he right. It just isn’t fair.

But even living in a world where I have experienced more injustice in my short life than most will experience in their lifetime, I have learned that I do have the ability to fight injustice.

I have a strong desire to make the world fair. I believe in second chances. I believe in hope.

Now, my charge is to each person, whether you have experienced the pain of injustice or are living under the covering of life’s comforts, will you fight for justice? Will you choose to set aside the injustice you have experienced and pursue justice? Will you step out of your just world, and choose to fight for those who are experiencing injustice?

Be stubborn. Don’t choose to believe that this is the best we as humanity can do. Choose the really hard battles, like eradicating child sex trafficking, cause then we get to be part of changing history.

#Move4Justice #EndIt #EndItMovement #DemandAnEnd #FreedomRequiresAction