Locking Arms for Freedom

Whenever I tell people a little bit about who I am and what I do they almost always seem very intrigued. Especially, when I tell them I call myself a “freedom fighter” working for Safe House Project to fight for the freedom and lives of sex trafficking victims.

A question I get asked quite often is…“Why do I fight for sex trafficking victims?” My answer is simple. Everyone deserves freedom. Everyone deserves a chance. Especially those who have become victims of such a horrifying illegal industry.

Human trafficking has been around since the early days of man. This is not a new industry, no new wicked game. But instead one that has been utilized to satiate the desires of power, greed, and money for centuries on end. No matter the cost to those who fall prey.

Unfortunately, it seems that here in our own home, in the land of the free and the home of the brave this story has gotten lost. Meanwhile, the industry has continued to grow at an alarming rate.

Right here in the United States, we have allowed the story of sex trafficking to become one of a distant place. The majority of Americans either do not know or choose to claim ignorance on this dark industry and its existence in our own neighborhoods. But facts are facts. And I feel it is my duty to tell as many well meaning, good hearted, caring Americans as I can what is really happening here and how we must change this story for good. We must realize that sex trafficking isn’t only reserved for Africa or South America. It isn’t just reserved for Eastern European countries or Thailand. It is part of our country’s fabric and we must put an end to this multi-billion dollar industry that continues to plague our home land.

The truth is, there are 300,000 American Children that are trafficked for sex in the U.S. each year. The truth is, only 1% of these children are identified. And here is the most heartbreaking truth of it all. We aren’t helping them. We aren’t saving them. We aren’t giving them a place to go to be safe from this trade, to start over, to heal, to be renewed.

The truth is, that without a safe place to go upon identification 80% of those children end up back in their traffickers' hands. Why? There are 100 beds for minor domestic victims of sex trafficking in the United States. Because 50% of the United States of America has only one or no safe house at all to take in these victims. Leaving 299,900 children with no place to start their healing journey.

Ladies and gentleman, this is certainly a grave matter that we must take action on. The children of America are our hope, our future. I fight for sex trafficking victims because I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in our country. I believe every person deserves true freedom her in America and I know that you believe every American deserves that, too.

Take action now.

Help us build more safe houses. Help us create more resources to restore these innocent victims lives like food, clothing, and a safe place to live. Basic human needs. Lock arms with us and help us fight the good fight for those that cannot for themselves.

Let Freedom Ring.

Written by Alina F.

Safe House Project Volunteer

#LetFreedomRing #AwarenessIntoAction