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BILLINGS, MONTANA (June 5, 2021) — Safe House Project's team had the privilege of speaking at the ribbon cutting for the HER Campaign’s Transitional living home for female survivors of trafficking and their children. Over the past year, Safe House Project has provided mentorship and funding as the HER Campaign has pursued the dream of seeing this new program open its doors. The home is designed, down to the detail, to make survivors feel loved, valued, and safe as they walk the path to economic and personal independence. We know that having those four walls of safety are a piece of healing, but the thing that sets this program apart are the skilled, dedicated, and loving staff of the HER Campaign. We were thrilled to be there with them to celebrate this new chapter of their ever-expanding program.

About HER Campaign:

HER Campaign’s mission is to help HER heal, grow, and find purpose. They do this through providing residential programs for survivors of human trafficking.


They envision a world where families everywhere are trained and equipped to be a safe place for survivors. 


Britney & Sammy Higgs


“We founded the HER Campaign following a vision of starting a safe home for domestic survivors of sex trafficking,” begins Britney Higgs, founder and president. “Our hearts were broken for the issue of human trafficking and we knew once the veil was lifted, we could no longer turn a blind eye to this issue. In a dark and hurting world, we all have the opportunity and privilege to be carriers of light and support for survivors.” (Billings Lifestyle Magazine)


“In a dark and hurting world, we have the opportunity as women to be carriers of light and support for our sisters. By walking the path of healing for ourselves, recognizing our worth and true identity, we get to live in a place of overflow where there is an expression of love unconditional, joy abounding and peace that passes all understanding. That is the heart behind the HER Campaign.” — Britney Higgs, President & Founder


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