Mitzi Perdue Joins Safe House Project Board of Directors

Safe House Project, a leader uniting communities to end child sex trafficking in America and restore hope and freedom to every survivor, announced today that Mitzi Perdue has joined the nonprofit’s Board of Directors.

"Ms. Perdue is an awe-inspiring leader who has the drive, passion, and business acumen needed to truly effect change in the anti-trafficking movement. Her breadth of experience, and diverse background makes her a welcomed addition to our team,” said Kristi Wells, Safe House Project CEO. 

Ms. Perdue is the daughter of one family business titan (her father was president and co-founder the Sheraton Hotel Chain) and the widow of another, (her late husband was the family business poultry magnate, Frank Perdue). Ms. Perdue is a businesswoman, author, and speaker.  She holds degrees from Harvard University and George Washington University, is a past president of the 35,000 member American Agri-Women and was one of the U.S. Delegates to the United Nations Conference on Women in Nairobi. Finally, Ms. Perdue is Founder of Win this Fight, a non-profit focused on raising awareness about human trafficking and raising funds for the organizations that are helping to end this scourge on human life.

The level of professionalism and commitment I’ve seen in the Safe House Project is unsurpassed.  Co-Founders Kristi Wells and Brittany Dunn were brilliant in identifying a need and then mobilizing resources to help meet that need. Working with the Safe House Project team is, for me, an inspiration,” said Perdue.

Through the experience of their Board of Directors, and dedicated team, Safe House Project empowers a survivor's path to freedom from rescue to restoration to reintegration back into society. 

“We know that simply escaping their trafficker does not equate to freedom. Safe House Project is building a comprehensive solution to survivor care through the launch of a safe house network in each state.  When our nation unites behind protecting our children's innocence and serving those who have already been victimized child sex trafficking becomes a solvable issue,” said Wells. 

Safe House Project Board of Directors

  • Joel English | Chairman of the Board & Vice President of Centura College

  • Darin Ely | President of VA Asset Group

  • Kenneth Walker | Past Chairman & CEO of Driven Brands and Past Chairman of the International Franchise Association

  • Kristi Wells | CEO & Co-Founder 

  • Mitzi Perdue | Founder of Win This Fight

  • Lynda Campbell | Director of Training and Talent Development, Stonebridge Hotels

  • Nigel Anderson | Co-Founder & Owner of Renaissance Music

  • Vickie Walker | Angel Investor

Safe House Project Business Advisory Board 

  • Darin Ely | President of VA Asset Group

  • Frank Batten | CEO, President and Chairman of Dominion Enterprises Inc. 

  • Jim Flinchum | Owner of Bay Capital Advisors 

  • John-Allen Waldrop | Vice President & Corporate Counsel at Loyalty Brands

  • Rene Bollinger | HR & Compliance Training 

Safe House Project's vision is to see communities across America unite to end domestic sex trafficking and restore hope, freedom, and a future for every survivor. Specifically, we intend to unite to eradicate child sex trafficking in America by 2030. We restore hope through our efforts to rescue survivors of sex trafficking. We enable freedom through the work of our Safe House network. We build a better future through our work to educate, train, and advocate.


Contact: Brittany Dunn, COO of Safe House Project


Charitable Tax ID: 82-3487081