Ria Story | Survivor Leader

"Freedom requires action. Because, once you reach a certain level of awareness, not getting involved is not an option...This isn’t a just a “big city” problem or “someone else’s problem,” and we don’t like to think it’s happening in our cities, communities, and to our children. Millions have been affected - but even one is too many." - Ria Story, Survivor Leader

Ria understands the frustration of lacking self-confidence, not having the ability to influence other people, and feeling like a victim of our circumstances. Sexually abused by her father from age 12-19 and trafficked by him, Ria left home at 19 without a job, money, or a high school diploma. Realizing the biggest obstacle to success is embracing excuses, Ria set her goals high and worked to achieve them. Today, as a TEDx speaker, author, and certified leadership trainer with nearly 20 years experience in addition to her MBA and several other management degrees, Ria shares the lessons she learned to be successful and influence people.