Safe House Project grants $30K to help launch the Wellspring Living Receiving Hope Center

25-February-2020 – Washington D.C. – Safe House Project is honored to grant $30,000 to support the launch of the Wellspring Living Receiving Hope Center – the state of Georgia’s first emergency residential intake center for trafficked youth.

“Wellspring Living is excited to open this centralized program--the first of its kind in Georgia--with multiple partners around the state to serve victims of trafficking. The youth will be able to receive immediate medical care, as well as therapeutic services, education, and assessment towards the best step for a hopeful future,” said Kendra Hanson, Institute Service Director of Wellspring Living.

“The need for placement options for survivors of child sex trafficking to receive restorative care is larger than many realize and survivor care is a critical part to each state’s comprehensive plan to combat trafficking. We are thrilled to support Wellspring Living in this program launch as they expand services and fill a deep need in the national landscape of survivor care,” said Safe House Project co-founder and CEO Kristi Wells

Safe House Project is a national leader empowering survivors of sex trafficking in America by accelerating safe house development and cultivating restorative healing for the estimated 300,000 children being sex trafficked in America today.

“Each year an estimated 3,000 victims make it out, but without a safe place to go upon rescue or escape, 80% of those victims end up being re-exploited. In 2018, there were an estimated 100 individual spaces available in safe houses for these children to receive medical care, education and therapy,” said Wells.

Brittany Dunn, Safe House Project co-founder and COO said Safe House Project is systematically increasing safe house capacity in America. “In 2020 we will partner launch 160 new beds in restorative care homes for survivors of child sex trafficking. We are thrilled to support Wellspring Living as one of our first quarter funding recipients and safe house partners.” said Dunn.

“This first disbursement will launch new or expanding safe houses which range from emergency shelters to long-term care facilities who adhere to the highest levels of standards and care. Our Safe House partners and funding recipients in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, California, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and Virginia put the high quality of care and restoration of survivors of child sex trafficking as the first priority.

“This is the start of a new decade and I believe that if we tackle this issue like the epidemic it is and address prevention and treatment, we can see the sex trafficking industry crippled in the next five years,” said Wells. “Increasing victim identification and providing an effective means of escape and healing for each survivor is the mission part of the current solution and Safe House Project intends to meet that need.”

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