Survivor Advocate

Meet our Survivor Advocate, Jennifer Viollis-Richardson!

“I grew up in a law enforcement family. And a very specific turning point in my life was a discussion I had with my father where he shared with me a

particular case he worked as a police officer in which a husband and wife were not only prostituting out their two young daughters, but were filming the assaults, and marketing them under the child pornography umbrella... That was the first time, in my young life, I became aware of the true evil that exists in this world. And for the first time in my young life, I had it on my heart to make a difference. I graduated from college with a BS in Criminology and went on to receive my MS in Criminal Justice Studies with a focus on sexual predators. My passion, my goal, was to obtain as much education as possible to help my work in reducing the female victimization incidents that happen every day in our country. I went on to work for my father’s security consulting firm in the international travel intelligence arena. It was during this time that I saw just how great the need there was for victim advocacy not only on an international level, but right here in our backyard, in the United States... And then... Around 3 months ago my dad had these incredible women on his podcast. They ran an anti-human trafficking non-profit organization — Safe House Project. They shared that Human Trafficking is very real and very “alive and well” in the U.S. They shared how the face of trafficking isn’t what we see in the movies — but is something that happens inside American homes — every day. I wanted to know more. I wanted to help. The introductions were made and I became even more excited about what these women were doing and told them I want to be a part of this. I want to help raise awareness. I want to make a difference. They welcomed me aboard with open arms and I’ve been learning and working ever since.”