Safe House Project Beginnings

The Global Epidemic of Sex Trafficking

The Safe House Project began in April 2016, when musicians from Renaissance Music visited the Kerus Global orphan care center in Soshunguve, South Africa. There they witnessed firsthand the vulnerability of the orphan community, and the threat of sex-trafficking. The need for a safe house was clear. The team responded and provided funding for the safe house.

Since then, the vision for Safe House Project has grown as the need for more domestic safe houses has become clear. One look at the numbers reveals the horrifying reality.Every 2 minutes a child is sold into sex slavery.

There are 4.5 million victims globally who are trapped specifically in sex slavery.Hundreds of thousands of victims are here in the United States.1% of victims are rescued.Less than 50 safe houses exist in the US.

Today, there are more people in slavery than any other point in history. In 2017, the Safe House Project expanded into an organization committed to raising awareness of the global crisis of sex-slavery, and funding safe houses here in the US, and around the globe.

Safe houses take various forms. They are preventative and protect kids from being trafficked. Other Safe houses are crisis centers that provide immediate refuge to survivors—meeting short term needs. There are also long-term care facilities that meet the physical and emotional needs of the survivors throughout their healing process. We are working with existing anti-sex trafficking organizations to help build or maintain their safe houses, which provide necessary refuge for survivors.

The only way we can equip everyONE to provide refuge for those running from sex slavery is with your help. You have the power to reinforce the message that everyONE matters, and that we will not let these atrocities take place in our cities. You are acting as a voice for the voiceless.