Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Willett Distillery has generously offered the following collection of exclusive products all the way from Kentucky for our Safe House Project Age of Innocence Gala on September 27th.

A message from Willett Distillery President & Chief Whiskey Officer, Britt Kulsveen

What do you think about putting everything you compile into a kitchen sink?  What would you risk your life to grab to ensure that it fits in this sink if you had to escape in an instant as your house goes up in flames?  What would you bring to start a new home and a fresh, clean start?

If you are reading this, you share my determination to provide our most silent vulnerable population with a fresh clean start and a place to call home. All of my favorite things that our Willett Distillery Whiskey Shop has to offer and the kitchen sink is included in this package.


We can all agree that the kitchen is the heart of a home. I cannot count the number of purple chocolate chip pancake memories with my daughter Scout that originated at my kitchen sink.  Below is a description of everything I have personally selected for this package. If you bid high enough, we could build a whole kitchen, a whole heart and a collection of new comforting memories around this sink.  We can create a safe space so that someone has all the tools they need to build a new home.     

Willett Family Favorites:

  • Willett Distillery Canvas Tote with vintage leather straps to carry all things essential from whiskey to spare boots

  • Willett’s Ebbets Field Navy Vintage Cap

  • Willett Distillery Puff Denim Cap

  • Cooking with Kentucky Bourbon” Cookbook of our family's recipes, bourbon being the nucleus of such recipes, by my Aunt and Godmother, Alice Jane

  • Simply Bourbon” by my Chicago Bourbon Book Club, An approachable guide to provide any beginner, bourbon lover or avid enthusiast with the essential understanding of all things… well, bourbon. Book Design by Rule 29, Photography by McDonald Photo Written by Bob Davidson

The Essential Vessels and Accoutrements

  • Blush Charade 4oz Bracelet Flask

  • Willett Pot Still Reserve Bar Towel

  • Willett Distillery Bird & Crown Copper Julep Cups (2)

  • Willett engraved walnut cocktail muddler

  • Willett Distillery Neat Tasting Glass (2)

  • Luxardo Maraschino Cherries, the only maraschino cherries I insist upon and allow into my Willett Rye Old Fashioned; candied cherries with Marasca syrup

  • Bittermilk No.3 Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour Handcrafted Cocktail Mixer

  • Bittermilk No.7 Limited Edition Gingerbread Old Fashioned Handcrafted Cocktail Mixer

**These Bittermilk Products are Handcrafted in Charleston, SC using our whiskey barrels, a Joe and MariElena Production

KY Originals

  • BD Bittering Co. Barrel Aged Sorghum Handcrafted Cocktail Bitters

  • Art Eatables Commonwealth Small-batch Bourbon Truffles, A Willett Distillery exclusive, featuring Willett’s own Pure Kentucky, XO Small Batch KSBW

  • Buy Socks You All! “My Feet Smell Like Bourbon”

  • Buy Socks You All! “Bourbon Rocks”

The Family Whiskeys (KSBW: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Y'all)

  • Noah’s Mill, Small Batch Boutique Bourbon, KSBW 114.3 PF

  • Rowan’s Creek, Small Batch Boutique Bourbon, KSBW 100.1 PF

  • Johnny Drum Private Stock, Small Batch Bourbon, KSBW 101 PF

  • Old Bardstown Bottled In Bond, KSBW (A KY Homestate Exclusive, available only within the confines of the commonwealth of KY)

  • Willett Family Estate Small Batch, 4 Year, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (This is raw whiskey y'all, and my personal favorite that my brother Drew distills. It's cask strength whiskey and non-chill filtered which means that this is whiskey straight out of the barrel with zero water added)

  • Willett Pot Still Reserve, KSBW 94 PF (this bottle decanter is an exact replica of the copper pot still at our family's distillery, which is a patented design created by our father, the ingenious Norwegian and greatest troublemaker of all time. We sent the blueprints of our still off to have this bottle custom made, and the whiskey is baller too.)

  • Twin minis of Willett Pot Still Reserve for Pocket Cocktails

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