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Safe House Project is headed to the Super Bowl with 4 partners to provide emergency support in Phoenix. Working alongside local law enforcement and NGOs, we will be serving survivors through street outreach, emergency housing, and safe house placement. This team of 40+ individuals will be boots on the ground to assist survivors and get them to safety.
We need your help getting survivors to safety.
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If you want to participate we have a list of tangible needs to help set up our emergency center on the ground. You can access an amazon wish list by clicking the "help survivors" button. 


Thank you in advance for any support you can provide.


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Ripple Effect

A few weeks after the Super Bowl, a resident at one of the safe houses shared how she learned about our support. She asked the residential staff if they knew anything about the group who went to Pheonix this year for the S uper B owl. She went into detail about some of the outreach we had done. Also, knowing the number of women we had rescued. The women who decided to leave the home later told others of their experience while with our team. The resident had heard about us during one of these conversations because she was "near that area" during our time in Pheonix. 
She told the staff it was our intention and our approach that really stood out to her. She encouraged more trips like those and would highly recommend our program to others!
We talked about generational impact and how our "yes" would be a ripple effect. Impacting even those we never came in direct contact with just by being present.

Increasing Survivor Identification

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