Bringing hope, freedom, and a future to survivors


Safe House Project’s mission is to increase survivor identification beyond one percent through education, provide emergency services and placement to survivors, and ensure every survivor has access to safe housing and holistic care.

To date, SHP has trained over 300K people, provided emergency services to 788 survivors, and added 479 new beds in safe house programs to provide restorative care to trafficking survivors. All because of the generous support of people like you!

Keynote Speaker

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Leigh Dundas

Leigh Dundas is a human rights attorney and abolitionist dedicated to preserving basic freedoms, while also combating global injustices like child slavery and the peddling of medical tyranny disguised as progress. Leigh’s career spans three decades, and commenced with her representation of Fortune 500 companies in high-dollar courtroom battles in the early 90’s, which focus changed to humanitarian work nearly a decade ago when she joined an anti-slavery NGO as their General Counsel.

While there, Leigh liaised with foreign governments to allow undercover surveillance of child brothels by former US law enforcement assets, and also worked closely with NGOs on a plan to have on-ground investigators amass evidence of money laundering by human traffickers – and then securely relay that data to world banks so they could flag accounts suspected of criminal activity. In recognition of her extensive knowledge on slavery matters, Leigh was appointed ten years ago to the Congressional Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking, where she further assisted in identification of these problems, and helped formulate US response to same.

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October 19th | 6:00 PM


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