Safe House Project is honored to partner with the community in fundraising efforts! You have taken the incredible step to learn how to spot, report and prevent trafficking. Now through fundraising initiatives, you can support our work to increase victim identification, help survivors escape, and build safe houses to empower their path to freedom!

What is Peer-To-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising allows you, as an individual, to create a personal fundraiser on behalf of Safe House Project. Your fundraiser will include a financial goal, end date or event date, and personal message. 

How Does Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Help?

  • Connect with more people.

  • Reach your network on our behalf.

  • Increase awareness of our organization and the issue of sex trafficking in critical ways.

  • People support people they know and love in their goals rather than organizations with whom they are unfamiliar. 

  • Trust our communities to come through for our funding needs.


Start a Fundraiser

Choose your Fundraiser

Start brainstorming some ideas for your fundraiser! Pick something fun, creative, and interactive. 

Need some ideas to get the creativity going?

Ideas >

Set up and Personalize your Campaign

Take a look at our brand kit for logos and guides on making your fundraising materials look awesome.

Brand Kit >

Share with your Friends and Family

Share your fundraiser with friends, family, and your community! 

Need help with some marketing ideas and timelines?

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Below are some ideas to get you started, as well as their time for prep, effort level and the amount Safe House Project has seen raised from this type of event (if applicable).

  • Float-A-Thon 

    • 2 Months to Plan

    • Medium Effort

    • Amount Raised: $14,000

Gift Card Drive
  • Gift Card Drive

    • 1 Month to Plan

    • Easy Effort

    • Amount Raised: $1000

Sundae Social
Awareness Walk or Fun Run
Chili Cookoff
  • Chili Cookoff

    • 1-2 Months to Plan

    • Easy to Medium Effort

    • Amount Raised $1000​​

Gym Competition
Bike or Motorcycle Ride
Cornhole Competition Or Mini
Get Creative
  • Get Creative

    • Bingo Night

    • Cuss Jar

    • Casual Day 

    • Charity Concert

    • Lemonaide Stand

    • Polar Plunge

    • Raffle 

    • Bake sale 

    • Car wash

    • Read for a cause 

    • Fish Fry


Identify Goals: 

  1. Fundraising $$ goal

  2. Participation goal 

Start pushing out your info:

  1. Email your friends, coworkers, church/school groups, etc.  

  2. Community posting boards 

  3. Post on social media and tag us 

  4. Have people who have signed up for your event share it and ask others to join

  5. Get personal! Don’t be afraid to ask face to face or through text/calls

Here Are Some Tips For A Successful Fundraiser

1. Get the Ball Rolling: No one likes to be the first. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your fundraising off to a good start by making the first contribution. This will make others more likely to get involved. 

2. Have a Why: Let people know why you’re fundraising for Safe House Project! What got you involved? What makes you passionate about this cause? 

3. Start with Your Close Contacts: Try connecting with a few key people in a personal way before immediately going to social media. Send an email to your inner circle and try to build up some momentum!

 4. Post on Social Media: After you’ve connected with your inner circle you’re ready to get the word out! It’s always a good idea to use multiple platforms. You can also choose to personally and publicly thank your donors by tagging them in a post. This will help get your message out even more. 

5. Re-engage: Don’t be afraid to follow up! Emails are easily missed or put off. Consider connecting in other ways such as by phone. Use email to keep people up to date with your progress as you hit various milestones – 50% raised, 75% raised, etc. 6. Continue Thanking and Updating Social Media: As more of your network gets behind your cause be sure to thank them and keep them updated on your progress.