be the eyes and ears of your community.
protect future generations.
together, trafficking becomes a solvable issue.

OnWatch™ empowers you to spot, report, and prevent trafficking through survivor stories. They share how community members could have identified and reported their trafficking situation. Each individual who is OnWatch™ is an advocate for change.

The H.O.P.E. Human Trafficking Training is a survivor-informed, trauma-informed, and patient-centered online training that equips all healthcare workers to identify potential human trafficking victims, give support, and offer resources.

Safe House Project and its team of volunteer speakers have educated over 270k people in person on the realities of trafficking, but also how they can help end trafficking in America by 2030.

We partnered with FORSHAW Inc to develop the pest-management trafficking training. This is a free training program that was written by human trafficking survivors who saw in-home service providers during their time being trafficked.

God wants to use you to end trafficking. Come on a journey with us to understand God’s heart to end trafficking.

Together, we will see people set free, healed, and revival in our land.

Tune into the "Let's Talk About Sex...Trafficking" Podcast with co-founders, Kristi Wells & Brittany Dunn. You will hear our guests share real facts, real stories, and real ways you can help eradicate trafficking in the United States by 2030.

Stay up to date with our articles to continue learning more about sex trafficking in America, life for survivors, and what Safe House Project is up to.

Whether you are a parent looking for information on digital safety, a healthcare worker looking for resources, a manager looking for infographics for your break room, our resources can help.

Eradicating Human Trafficking: A Transformative Approach through Collective Impact


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