survivor empowerment

empowering a path to freedom from emergency services to lifetime support.

emergency services

Our team receives calls from survivors needing assistance escaping their trafficking situation. Working together with law enforcement and our partners, we help facilitate a survivor's escape and safe transport to an emergency safe house.

safe house placement

Safe House Project assists survivors with emergency support and services upon escape and helps place survivors into programs across the nation to start their healing journey.

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DeeDee's testimony

"You bless me all the got me off the street when I was in the cold, and you didn't even know who I was.You have given me the greatest gift already, you gave me HOPE.
You showed there is hope for humanity."

jessica's testimony

"I really cannot imagine where I'd be without you, honestly. Thank you for everything. You've made such a difference in my life. You're the embodiment of the things I strive to be, the things I think I will be when I'm more healed. You're brave and strong and passionate, but also kind and gentle and warm. Thank you for seeing me, for believing in my dreams."

DeeDee's testimony

"When I stepped through the doors, I felt a sense of love, warmth, and hope that wrapped around me—something I hadn’t felt in any other place."

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lifetime support

  • Survivor Scholarships: We work to provide survivors with opportunities to further their education, allowing them to pursue meaningful career opportunities. 

  • Survivor Internships: We employ survivors in positions that teach them transferrable skills, allow them to establish work experience, and build references as they work toward their career goals.